Welcome to Creative Cooking and Baking Institute.

The initiative to establish The school in 2006 was to cater to the booming hands-on Culinary experience for the public. Due to the request of the general public, we have developed the establishment into a full fledged Culinary school, certified by TESDA to better equip our students for the industry with a more rigorous hands-on training and theoretical know-how.

We strongly believe that both should go hand in hand for the full advancement of the Food Service Industry Individual.

Rack of Lamb
Yield: 1 rack
1rack Butter, Unsalted
to taste Salt and pepper
1g Thyme leaves
125ml Red wine
500ml Brown beef stock
60g Butter
Roy works as a security guard and he gratefully says that taking up a shortcourse in Pangnegosyo at CCBI last 2009 has greatly helped augment their family income. After setting up his business for only 6 months, he and his family now successfully produce 400-500 pieces of their well-loved siomai in Poblacion Talisay. They now have a steady following in their area and dreams of expanding in the near future.
- Roy A. Palicte